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I Don't Know, But Together We Might Published on September 19th, 2017

A few years ago, we used a great video by Peter Bregman in our collaboration workshops about the power of being able to admit "I don't know" as a way of getting better outcomes from others.I was r … Continue reading »

Collaboration Lessons from the Paddock Published on September 6th, 2017

Working as a collaboration specialist means I am always learning ways to support people working together. Most of these lessons come unsurprisingly from working with people. This last month however … Continue reading »

Unlearning Old Habits Published on August 31st, 2017

I’ve written blogs on the challenges of collaboration before because I keep wanting to explore just why collaboration is so easy to talk about yet so difficult to practice. I wrote one earlier t … Continue reading »

Collaborating Upside Down Published on August 24th, 2017

If you wore glasses that made everything look upside down, how would you cope? This question is at the core of a famous set of experiments from the mid-20th century. You can find some information abou … Continue reading »

A Pain in the Head is a real Pain in the Neck Published on August 17th, 2017

I get migraine headaches regularly, and while I take a specific drug to manage them, I'm constantly frustrated by my inability to find a lasting solution.I had fallen into a pattern of dealing wit … Continue reading »

What do you do when you don't know what to do? Published on August 14th, 2017

One thing is certain … collaboration will take you into uncertainty. You start on the collaborative journey full of enthusiasm and energy. “This is exciting,” you say to yourself an … Continue reading »
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