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Over the past several years I have been working with a Council and their community on the NSW coast. They've been collaborating to co-create an adaptation plan to manage the risk of rising sea lev … Continue reading »

Collaboration AND Contestability Published on November 4th, 2015

The following quote got me mulling on an issue that arises again and again with my clients. That is, how can you collaborate within an environment of contestability?Holly Snape, a Chief Executive in … Continue reading »
I said, how well do.....oh never mind. If I'm like most organisations I'm probably not really listening to your response anyway.I say this having read a great new report by Jim Macnamara (Pro … Continue reading »

Completing The Collaborative Picture Published on October 14th, 2015

I saw a picture in the Illawarra Mercury the other day, taken after the latest meeting about the future of Port Kembla steelworks.As you’d expect, it featured steelworkers and employees, the uni … Continue reading »

The Importance of Beginning Published on October 7th, 2015

I have been meaning to write this particular blog for a while, yet have got sidetracked thinking that the topic is self-evident. Of course beginnings are important - doesn’t everyone know that? … Continue reading »

When Collaboration Hits The Wall Published on September 30th, 2015

If Malcolm Turnbull had $1 for every time he and his colleagues have talked about collaboration lately he would be as rich as.... well.... Malcolm Turnbull.  Listening to our politicians at the m … Continue reading »
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