What’s the most collaborative place in Australia?

You may be surprised to learn that it is between your ears – at least, it is if you are collaborating authentically.

I was recently reminded of this important locus of collaboration when gathering feedback from participants in our six-week program – How to Collaborate Effectively. Asked to share some insights from the program they said things such as:

“…pause…breathe…is my collaborative mindset in place?….begin…”

“Try to dial up the collaboration wherever possible and bring a collaborative mindset to the work.”

“Collaboration is between the ears!”

Of course collaboration is about doing things differently and if we want to ‘do’ differently we have to be different, to think differently.

In last month’s newsletter I shared a post about the characteristics of the collaborative mindset. The place where those characteristics become action is between our ears.

For me this means that I must pay attention to my own state of mind whenever I’m working with others, or planning to do so. If I’m thinking like a collaborator I’m going to be able to act like one (I hope).

Is the space between your ears collaborative today?

We have a simple mindset health check tool to help you refocus your thinking. Check it out.