Based in Aotearoa New Zealand, Miranda is passionate about authentic collaborative practice as an effective way of filling our baskets of knowledge.

“Nā tō rourou, Nā taku rourou, Ka ora ai te iwi”
With your basket and my basket, the people will prosper

Miranda's Bio
Miranda's Words

Miranda has over 18 years of working with multiple stakeholders spanning policy analysis, project management, communications training, conflict resolution and large group planning. She has particular expertise in Māori rights and interests in environmental issues, including fisheries and coastal management

Key multi-stakeholder challenges that Miranda has dived deep into include working with the New Zealand government to legislate the national Māori fisheries settlement of the 1980s; working with iwi (Māori Tribes) to make the customary fisheries legislation work for them; and more recently, working with recreational fishers of New Zealand to chart a strong and positive future for recreational fishing in Aotearoa.

Over the years Miranda has added skills of NLP and Future Search strategic planning to her kete (basket) of knowledge as a way of continually learning more ways to enable and inspire all folks to step up and work together to build a sustainable society.

Miranda is a member of the global Future Search Network, she has run her consulting company FOLKUS Ltd since 2000 and is now proud to be an Associate of Twyfords.