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International Specialist in Collaborative Practice

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Vivien was the founding partner of Twyfords in 1988.  Vivien spent her early working years in the UK, the USA and Hong Kong in a variety of fields including business communication and management, as well as advertising and marketing.  Once in Australia Vivien studied for a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Philosophy) and a MBA.  Developing a specialty in the area of public participation, Vivien has for the past 25 years designed and implemented stakeholder participation programs around some very sensitive projects.

More recently Vivien was part of the Twyfords' collaborative process which developed a new model that they call Collaborative Governance - a way of working with diverse stakeholders to co-create solutions to our most controversial dilemmas - a process urgently needed in today's complex world.

Designing collaborative practice, coaching practitioners and providing leadership to organisations in Australia and New Zealand who recognise the need to partner and collaborate more effectively is the work Vivien loves best.