Our clients work on challenging projects where agreement isn’t always easy. Many diverse people are involved, often with different ideas of the problem and the likely solutions. It’s complex and uncertainty is high.

In this situation authentic collaboration is the key to delivering solutions that are owned, understood and implementable. To collaborate authentically the team will need new frameworks, skills and tools.


You know complexity. Lots of interconnecting issues and different opinions about the problem. High levels of uncertainty about not just what to solve, but how to go about solving it and who with.

The risk of unintended consequences is high and the best way forward is very unclear. You need a different approach. You need authentic collaboration.


If you could just tell everyone what to do and they’d do it, life would be simpler. 

But more often you need everyone thinking together to find the smartest, most effective solutions to the complex problem. 

You need effective teamwork across different groups to find a solution that works for all.

You need to collaborate, and that isn’t always easy to do.


The ability to work collaboratively with others is the key to success when facing complex problems.

To get working differently requires a new set of skills and new teamwork based on effective frameworks.

Importantly, collaboration is about a mindset that sees the world differently. To tackle complex issues together it pays to think and act like a collaborator.

What collaboration means to us

Our unique framework we call the Power of Co™ underpins our approach to collaboration. It provides a simple, powerful guide to the journey from complex dilemma to lasting solutions delivered together.

With our help to apply the Power of Co™ to their problems our clients have co-created award-winning outcomes that are better than they thought possible, with ownership and implementation by all.

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