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Complexity and Collaboration - A Mystery Flight

Added on: 22-Nov-17 12:00am

Author: John Dengate

I recently got an email from some travel site re a mystery hotel gift - and it reminded me of the mystery flights that you used to get from some of the major airlines - you didn't know where you are going, or what the destination might be, but you went for it in the belief that it would be enjoyable and probably better than staying with what you are doing now. You might think that you will get to eat street in Melbourne, but end up in Mudgee - but then find that the Mudgee reds really are great! 

So I wondered if it is a bit like tackling a complex issue - we are often pretty sure what we think the answer might be, then realise that we don't really know where we are going, and are not even sure when we get there, but can find satisfaction in a good, but different outcome.

I had this experience today in talking with a client. The project was about evaluating a plan, and the pretty obvious first response was that they would end up with some measures, even though they accepted they really didn't know what they might be.

After some ups and downs, the project has built momentum and surprised with a significant outcome that was never expected - a behaviour shift rather than some measures - a mystery flight if you like.

One that was never anticipated, but warmly embraced as a better outcome.

So my learning today is that it is worth staying open to the mystery, and being constantly surprised by the gifts that emerge.

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