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The Power of 'Co'

The Smart Leaders' Guide to Collaborative Governance. A way of working with diverse stakeholders to co-create enduring solutions to complex issues.

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The Power of 'Co'

The Smart Leaders' Guide to Collaborative Governance

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Excerpt from The Power of Co:

An excerpt from Chapter Two: The Paradox of Power

The Power of 'Co'

This book is about Collaborative Governance, or the Power of ‘Co’. 

The book provides real evidence of the benefits of collaboration as well as a theoretical framework on which to build the capacity of organisations and individuals to collaborate more often and more effectively to address dilemmas and find solutions that stick.

Collaborative Governance demands the sharing of both power and trust. It also requires a belief in people and their strengths, clear leadership and inclusive processes.

This book introduces and explains a five-step process for finding enduring solutions to complex dilemmas. If you have to work with people on complex dilemmas “The Power of ‘Co’” is for you.

Collaborative Governance is, in essence, appreciative, informative, deliberative and iterative.

Read this book if you need help:

Designing and implementing a project with a complex social, environmental or technical situation.

Facing a complex or controversial dilemma causing community outrage.

Collaborating with other organisations to achieve your outcome.

Building the capacity of leaders and employees to work collaboratively.

What our peers have had to say about it:

A compelling contribution by Twyfords built from their extensive experience and research. The book illuminates a pathway to meaningful and effective collaboration, and is a must-read for those who are facing complex challenges.
Sandy Heierbacher
Director, National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, USA.

Twyfords’ latest book, The Power of ‘Co’, is practical, interesting, and full of examples which will resonate with readers from a wide range of backgrounds. If you lead or wish to participate in solving complex problems collaboratively then this is a "must read".
Professor Liz Farmer
Adjunct Professor at University of Adelaide
Professorial Fellow at Flinders University

We are still clinging to a political system more suited to the 19th Century, not the 21st Century. It is time for change. This book helps us on that journey.
Dr Geoff Fagan
CEO, The CADISPA Trust, United Kingdom

If we take on the lessons from the ‘Power of Co’, the whole movement towards finding meaningful and collaborative solutions will continue to expand. Communities and organisations will be better off because of the lessons contained between these pages."
Dr Mike Mouritz
Executive: City Futures
City of Canning, W.A.

Whether you are a business leader, an elected official, or an interested and engaged citizen, this book will help you collaborate to solve many of the challenges of our times. It presents vital information for those who truly want to change the course of the future for the better.
David S. Boyd, FAICP
The Urban Associates Group
Wisconsin, USA



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