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Power of Co Testimonials Continued:

More of what our peers have had to say about it:

This important book is a must for decision makers, facilitators and community organisations interested in tackling the complex dilemmas that face us in the 21st century. It is grounded in the real experience of the authors, leaders in the design and facilitation of collaborative decision-making processes that result in creative and enduring responses to the challenges we face. Written in an engaging, easy-to-read style with a wealth of real-life examples, the book offers a clear framework that has emerged from twenty years’ experience and knowledge in collaborative governance.
Dr Kath Fisher
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
Southern Cross University, Australia

Working together in a collaborative sense has challenged people, organisations, governments and entire nations for generations. The ability to see the potential in collaboration is the first hurdle, and The Power of Co makes the rest simple, practical and logical. The Power of Co reminds us of those communal & collaborative roots that have enabled our evolution, and that our society at large has forgotten!
Emily Jenke
Community Engagement and Facilitation Specialist
Adelaide, South Australia

“The Power of ‘Co’” is a timely and powerful book. It sets out how collaborative processes can create enduring solutions with high levels of buy in from multiple stakeholders. Often the planning processes we undertake involve complex dilemmas that impact on many people. Solutions that are hammered out by those who are directly interested and affected, provided good process is followed, will be better solutions because: all of the information and values are on the table, and the participants have a commitment to make it work. I commend this book to everyone who is interested in empowering their communities and themselves.
Roger Blakeley
Chief Planning Officer
Auckland Council, New Zealand

The book provides an essential heuristic for working with communities on tough problems, a set of effective strategies developed over two decades of experience.

You can use the rationale and examples to help convince others in your organisation to employ the collaborative approach that you have always favoured.

Cut excerpts from the book for training or to inform strategic discussions ...

The book draws on and applies academic research that has improved practice -- appreciative inquiry, wicked problems, systems thinking, experimental and behavioural economics.

Usefully distinguishes between different kinds of community challenges, which is essential as recognising the nature of a problem is the first step toward approaching it in a productive way.

The strategies offered address what information you need to provide, what processes for engagement will work, and how to select participants from the community and other stakeholder groups. Everything you need to know.
Associate Professor Will Rifkin
Chair in Social Performance, Centre for Coal Seam Gas
& Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining
Institute for Sustainable Minerals
The University of Queensland 


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