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A deeper dilemma dive

Learn how to explore your situation more deeply with your collaborators, focussing on relationships and other hidden traps

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How to Reset Your Relationships

Learn when and how to use some simple process tools to get your collaboration back on track

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How to Share Control

Learn how and why to share control and do less, to improve your collaboration

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Top Tips for Finding Solutions

When working together to co-create solutions, what process allows you to make progress fast?

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A deeper dilemma dive

Learn how to explore your situation more deeply with your collaborators, focussing on relationships and other hidden traps

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3 Steps to Authentic Collaboration

Learn these three simple steps to keep your collaboration on the right path

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A Better Way to Find Solutions

Sometimes our focus on finding the answer gets in the way of innovation. Join this session to explore an exciting collaborative approach.

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The Cornerstones in Practice

Effective collaboration requires an integrated practice, bringing a holistic approach with a range of skills. Find out what ‘integrated collaboration’ looks like.

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Thinking Like a Collaborator

Authentic collaboration requires a shift in thinking from doing ‘to’ to working ‘with’. This webinar explores how to help the mindset shift.

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The Essential Skills of Collaboration

To collaborate effectively requires a particular suite of skills and tools. This webinar shows you how to build your collaborative skillset and toolkit.

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How do I know when to collaborate?

We introduce a simple framework to help answer this question. Learn how to focus your collaborative energy where it can do the most good.

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Love your Silos

We explore how you can check your relationships and assumptions to embrace rather than fight your silos

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Collaboration, Contracts and Silos

We take a fresh look at how to encourage collaboration across your contractual relationships, with three fundamental principles.

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Build Trust and Get Collaborating

If trust is the oil in the collaborative machine it is important to know how to build it to keep the wheels turning. Join us for tips and tools.

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Collaborate with the unwilling

If you are struggling to get engagement and energy from your collaborators, this session is for you. Join us for practical tips and ideas to get you collaborating.

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A Simple Map for Collaborators

Introducing a simple map to guide your next collaborative project. If you have a collaborative journey to take, this webinar is for you.

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Build the Case for Collaboration

Join us to see what makes a compelling case for funders and decision-makers so that you can get collaborating.

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What we are doing

Our collaborations

Project-based collaboration

We support project managers delivering collaborative projects through facilitated workshops and ongoing strategic advice.


We provide a high-quality coaching program for leaders and team members wanting to build their collaborative skills and mindset.

Collaboration System

Our Power of Co System is a unique resource to guide collaborators, with step-by-step instructions, tools, tips and templates.

Our collaboration tools

The Diamond of Decision-Making

A guide to group decision-making from the legendary Sam Kaner

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The Problem-Solver’s Guide

A guide to working with collaborators to find potential solutions together

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Make Assumptions Visible

When collaborating it is important to get those assumptions on the table

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The Trustometer

This tool helps you make visible the degree to which trust is present among your collaborators and allows you to measure progress.

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The Power of Vulnerability

Is a reluctance to be vulnerable undermining your collaboration?

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Practice Curiosity Tool

We often like to talk, explain and convince more than we like to listen, yet collaboration needs mutual curiosity. Are your collaborators practicing curiosity?

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Find Our Question Tool

One of the keys to success is building a shared sense of how everyone sees the problem to be faced together. Have you heard the question from each perspective?

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Deciding when to collaborate

Take a look at this simple framework for thinking through when to collaborate and focus your collaborative energy where it can do the most good.

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Hold Positions Aside

When strongly held opinions and different views are in the room, how do you encourage listening?

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Co-design Guide

An overview of co-design with some examples of what it can look like in practice.

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The Collaboration Fairytale Guide

Is your organisation living in a fairytale when it comes to authentic engagement and true collaboration?

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The Trojan Horse v Trojan Mouse

A neat framework from some great complexity thinkers to help you find creative ideas and things to try.

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Respectful Inquiry

This tool helps you stay curious and focussed on learning from each other, even when people have firmly-held views.

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Assess my Mindset Tool?

Authentic collaboration requires us to work ‘with’ others rather than do ‘to’ them, but shifting the thinking to work ‘with’ isn’t always easy to do. Are you thinking collaboratively?

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Assessing our Need to Collaborate

A simple checklist of thought-provoking questions to help you consider the need for authentic collaboration.

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How to Collaborate Effectively on your Project

Our Premier 12-week program for collaborators

“I always wanted to come back for the next session”

“I learned to trust myself more when collaborating”

“It’s valuable for teams to do this when their project is stuck”

“I can’t recommend the course highly enough”

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The Power of Co: The Smart Leaders’ Guide to Collaborative Governance

The Power of Co provides real evidence of the benefits of collaboration as well as a theoretical framework on which to build the capacity of organisations and individuals to collaborate more often and more effectively to address dilemmas and find solutions that stick.

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