Our webinar series

A Simple Map for Collaborators

A free half-hour webinar introducing a simple map or pathway to guide your next collaborative project. If you need to plan for and track your collaborative journey, this webinar is for you.

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How do I know when to collaborate?

We introduce a simple framework to help answer this question. Learn how to focus your collaborative energy where it can do the most good.

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Collaboration, Contracts and Silos

We take a fresh look at how to encourage collaboration across your contractual relationships, with three fundamental principles.

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Love your Silos

We explore how you can check your relationships and assumptions to embrace rather than fight your silos

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Codesign for Collaborators

We explore how sharing control of ‘how’ allows those involved to see their “fingerprints” on the process, ensuring ownership of outcomes

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What we are doing

Our collaborations

Project-based collaboration

We support project managers delivering collaborative projects through facilitated workshops and ongoing strategic advice.


We provide a high-quality coaching program for leaders and team members wanting to build their collaborative skills and mindset.

Collaboration System

Our Power of Co System is a unique resource to guide collaborators, with step-by-step instructions, tools, tips and templates.

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Our Power of Co System includes a unique suite of tools to allow you to collaborate on your next project. Download some examples and get collaborating today.

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Would you like to know more about how to co-create solutions to your
complex problems while building your ‘collaborative muscle’? Read On.

The Power of Co: The Smart Leaders’ Guide to Collaborative Governance

The Power of Co provides real evidence of the benefits of collaboration as well as a theoretical framework on which to build the capacity of organisations and individuals to collaborate more often and more effectively to address dilemmas and find solutions that stick.

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