Stuart Waters

Stuart’s background in ecology and sustainability sparked his interest in the connections and interactions between elements in a system. He has brought this way of looking at the world to a wide range of complex situations, as facilitator, trainer and adviser.

Stuart loves designing and facilitating workshops around complex dilemmas, both internal to organisations and with external stakeholders. He has a genuine enthusiasm for coaching and supporting others to think and act collaboratively. His approach is respectful, light-hearted and based on a belief that people are able to tackle complex problems when given new tools to use.

Clients value Stuart’s help when facing complex problems that aren’t easy to solve, such as:

  • How water is managed – from planning for sea-level rise to improving water quality in catchments and estuaries,
  • Natural resource management, native species management, the development of emerging markets in natural capital,
  • Working with teams inside organisations in support of more effective collaboration across the silos.
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