Stuart Waters

Stuart’s background in ecology and sustainability sparked his interest in the connections and interactions between elements in a system. He has brought this way of looking at the world to a wide range of complex situations.

Stuart has a genuine enthusiasm for coaching and supporting others to think and act collaboratively. His approach is respectful, light-hearted and based on a belief that people have the right and the ability to tackle complex problems when given new tools to use.

Clients value Stuart’s help when facing complex problems that aren’t easy to solve. Often these problems relate to how water is managed – from planning for sea-level rise to improving water quality in catchments and estuaries. They also include how teams work inside organisations.

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Stuart's latest blog posts

When it comes to the jab, is there a vaccine against my own righteous certainty?

Even when I am feeling right, when my opinion seems self-evidently the correct one, I still have the choice to put my view aside and to be…

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More data doesn’t solve the trust problem

When at daggers drawn, what is most needed is some real listening, authentic curiosity and genuine vulnerability.

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Just Try Some Experimentation

Rob has shifted from problem solving mode to learning and testing mode. And the difference has been amazing.

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