You are a senior leader in an organisation. While your people have been investing in building their collaborative capability within projects for some time, it is becoming clear that leaders in your organisation need to understand and provide the appropriate collaborative environment to ensure a lasting change.

You want to build a collaborative organisation and you want to lead by example.

Your people are looking to you for support to change their practice but you aren’t yet sure what that authorising space looks like, or its implications for you.

You are seeking answers to questions such as: what is the role of leaders in a collaborative organisation? How do we as leaders best support our people as they change their approach? How do we model a different way of working? What do we need to do to build the confidence and trust of our people, so that they are willing to take risks?

Your Outcomes

Leadership and project people aligned in terms of what it takes for the organisation to work collaboratively

An authorising space that encourages people to work differently

Leaders modelling the change they are seeking to bring about.

If you…

  • Want to shift the way the organisation works
  • Want to create an authorising environment for a more flexible and innovative approach
  • Want to lead by example

When you…

  • Need a high degree of alignment among the leadership team about collaboration
  • Need teams to know that you are committed to lead the change

We provide…

  • Regular video coaching
  • Support and guidance through the learning journey
  • Skills sessions for leaders

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