Collaborating for Results

We are specialists in the art and science of collaboration, built on many years’ experience in consultation, facilitation and collaboration.

We are recognised for our leadership in the field, having supported authentic collaboration in the UN, in Central Banks, in Commonwealth and State agencies and large private sector organisations.

Drawing on our decades of collective experience we have developed a range of unique processes, tools and resources. Together they comprise our Power of Co system, which is being used by a wide range of clients seeking better results through better collaboration.

Authentic collaboration is our passion and our business.

We Believe

    • That collaboration works better
    • In the enormous capability of people to work together to solve any problem and reach any goal
    • That solving problems together is the key to long term success
    • The better we are at working together the more we can achieve

What Drives Us

Twyfords exists to give you the tools, skills and confidence to unleash the power of collaboration to tackle your most pressing problems.

We aim to be the team that leaders everywhere turn to when they know that authentic collaboration is the only way forward.

We understand the power of problem-solving ‘with’ others, not delivering solutions ‘to’ them.

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Meet the team

Stuart Waters

Stuart has helped many organisations resolve their most challenging and complex problems through authentic collaboration. An experienced trainer, guide, advisor and coach, Stuart’s passion is supporting leaders and teams to build their collaborative muscles, with new skills and new habits.

Stuart's Bio

John Dengate

John’s engineering background provides him with a strong connection to the scientific, technical and engineering teams tackling ever increasing complexity. He combines this connection with a deep insight into the social and cultural drivers of working effectively together to deliver a unique and valued coaching style in building your capability.

John's Bio

Vivien Twyford

Company Founder Vivien Twyford has decades of experience providing on-ground and strategic support for clients across Australia and New Zealand. Vivien has a reputation with global reach and brings her experience to her current role as a Director of Twyfords.

Janelle Mousley

Janelle has been with Twyfords for many years, providing essential practical support to our team and to clients. As Financial Controller Janelle ensures an efficient and supportive project management process for all.

Why? Because working together works better. 

Because the world is a complex place, getting more complex every day. Our actions have far-ranging implications and we face challenges that none have faced before. We believe that simple solutions to complex problems are no solution at all. Rather, these challenges require us to face uncertainty and complexity.

Acknowledging complexity, exploring our mutual dilemmas and sharing our experiences, beliefs and values allows us to create ways forward that none could create on their own. To do this well we must close the gap between the need to work better together and our capability to do so.

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