Collaboration Builder

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As your environment becomes more complex and uncertain and Business as Usual (BAU) just isn’t working any more, we work with you to think differently, do different things and be a different organisation.

We offer a structured program to help you build a new suite of capabilities. The program incorporates workshops, coaching and a program to build internal 'collaboration champions'.

  Think Different

  Getting ready Workshop                         Recognise Complexity
  Accept there’s a lot we can’t know about this

  Acknowledge we need to do things differently
  Reframe how we think about what we do
  Commit to collaboration

  Do Different

  Getting Started Workshop  Explore the environment together
  Set project direction                                            
  Getting Results ongoing coaching                                

  Weekly coaching through a project
  Co-define the dilemma that needs tackling
  Set the direction, goal or vision
  Hypothesise, experiment and test
  Learn together
  Repeat, repeat, repeat                                                              

  Be Different


  Develop Collaboration Champions and

  Develop ongoing capability building through multi projects                                                

  So you get Clarity  

 About working differently
 In using systems thinking

  So you get Progress
 In resolving complexity

  So you get Confidence  
 To work together collaboratively                                                                                                                 
  So you get capability

 To deliver
 To think and act as collaborators
 To get results
 To repeat

Want to discover whether Collaboration Builder is for you?

Let’s talk through whether Collaboration Builder is for you.
We will spend time with you and your team to:
• Explore your situation and what you’ve tried so far
• Answer your questions about Collaboration Builder and how it might help
• Share some case studies
• Help you make a decision about a way forward

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