John Dengate ~ Director

Degree in Metallurgy; MBTI Qualified

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John specialises in “wicked problems” and likes to keep a snapshot of it!

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John was initially a Scientist, then a Total Quality Management (TQM) Practitioner and an Organisational Development Consultant.

John holds a Degree in Metallurgy, a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and is trained in Myer Briggs Type Indicator, Relational Dynamics and Consensus Building.

John focused on current public issues – the “wicked problems” that are frustrating clients – both in the private and public sector.

He has the ability to see what is less visible to others and elicits responses via questions that draw a more complete picture of what is really going on. He facilitates the collaborative design of approaches which tackles those underlying issues.

He works with ordinary but vexed situations, understands them, designs and delivers exceptional results via the people who are part of that situation.

John is a member of the Society for Organisational Learning and Australian Facilitators Network. He was a co-author of the book “Beyond Public Meetings: Connecting Community Engagement with Decision-Making” with his colleagues at Twyfords and has presented papers at Engineering and Community Engagement conferences.