You are a project lead or manager with a real practical need for some quick collaborative skills. You need to be working productively with people but sometimes it feels more like butting heads. If only you had at your fingerprints some new ways to work with people in the moment.

Collaboration Toolbox is designed to give you 12 new tools in 12 weeks, and the practice and guidance to use them.

Every fortnight for 12 weeks Collaboration Toolbox provides a live via video streaming learning session with our collaboration specialists. In each session you will be introduced to two simple but powerful collaborative tools to use in your meetings. You will be supported to use the tool in your workplace then reflect on that experience in the following learning session.

Collaboration Toolbox is perfect for those seeking some new ways to get results in the workplace.

Your Outcomes

New skills and processes, acquired through practice

Greater confidence and capability to manage meetings and groups

A greater ability to get results effectively and efficiently

If you…

  • Want to build your skills, capability and confidence as a collaborator
  • Need to get results more effectively

When you…

  • Want new skills and processes to use
  • Aspire to work more collaboratively

We provide…

  • 12 collaborative tools in 12 weeks
  • Expert input
  • A safe environment to learn and grow your skills

How to get started with Collaboration Toolbox


Fill in your contact details and we’ll call you within 24 hours


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Complete our collaborative readiness diagnostic and gain new insights into your potential need for CQ or collaborative capability … and your current level of readiness.