Your team recognises the need to develop their skills to work well together. You believe greater confidence and practical capability to collaborate would be helpful.

You and others need to work across agency, organisational and jurisdictional boundaries. Some simple frameworks and tools would help.

This half-day workshop provides fresh insights for those getting started on the collaborative journey. With new frameworks and new ways to think about collaboration, this session is a good place to start the collaboration training  journey for individuals or the team.

Your Outcomes

Boost your understanding of collaboration

Build a shared language of collaboration

Understand the mindsets and behaviours of good collaboration

Distinguish authentic collaboration from business as usual approaches

If you…

  • Are unsure what collaboration is or should be
  • Need to work with challenging people and relationships
  • Want to know how to become a more confident collaborator

When you…

  • Want the team to have a shared language and understanding
  • Want to get more out of your collaboration
  • Want to know what authentic collaboration looks like

We provide…

  • A half-day introductory workshop
  • Essential frameworks and tools
  • New insights for emerging collaborators

How to get started with Collaboration 101


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