Your team recognises the need to develop their skills to work well together. You believe greater confidence and practical capability to collaborate would be helpful.

You and others need to work across agency, organisational and jurisdictional boundaries. Some simple, practical tools would help.

This 12-week program introduces 12 simple yet powerful collaboration tools. It builds the confidence to use a different approach and helps to get different outcomes in difficult situations.

Collaboration Foundations is a good place to start the collaboration training  journey for individuals or the team.

Your Outcomes

Boost your confidence and capability as a collaborator

Accelerate your project delivery

Deliver better outcomes by applying simple tools

Make those difficult conversations easier and more productive

If you…

  • Are finding collaboration difficult and slower than it should be
  • Need to work with challenging people and relationships
  • Want to become a more confident collaborator

When you…

  • Want the team to take the initiative with confidence
  • Want to move past ‘business as usual’ collaboration
  • Need to build trust and confidence with your key stakeholders

We provide…

  • A 12-week skills building program
  • 12 simple, practical, easy-to-use tools
  • Fortnightly expert advice and learning sessions

How to get started with Collaboration Foundations


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Complete our collaborative readiness diagnostic and gain new insights into your potential need for CQ or collaborative capability … and your current level of readiness.