With Twyfords Collaboration System you can choose the program that best meets your needs. From introductory collaboration overview to organisation-wide practice change, we have a solution that matches your resources, experience and need for outcomes.

Our programs have been carefully designed to introduce the frameworks, tools and skills you need to collaborate effectively.  With examples of effective collaboration drawn from many organisations you can be confident that our programs can help you overcome your collaboration roadblocks.

Collaboration 101

This half-day introductory workshop gives you the basics you need to start collaborating, with frameworks to apply straight away

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Collaboration Toolbox

This innovative and 'light-touch' program gives you 12 collaboration tools in 12 weeks, with the support and guidance to use them effectively.

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Collaboration Builder

Collaboration Builder offers a structured collaboration training and coaching program to help you build new capabilities.

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Collaboration Leader

You are a senior leader in an organisation wanting to build a collaborative organisation and you want to lead by example.

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Collaboration Extension

You want to build the skills and confidence of the whole business. It is time for a new way of working.

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How to get started with Twyfords Collaboration System


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Complete our collaborative readiness diagnostic and gain new insights into your potential need for CQ or collaborative capability … and your current level of readiness.